Koster Golvlampa #2

Colors Available



Koster Floor Lamp from AH Belysning . Designed to elevate your reading experience, this lamp features a dimmer switch and a range of brightness options, allowing you to customize the light intensity to your preference.

With its stable stand and flexible arm, you can effortlessly adjust the height and angle of the lamp to direct light exactly where you need it. Whether you’re settling in for a cozy reading session or simply seeking ambient lighting, the AH Belysning Floor Lamp is the ideal choice.

This versatile lamp is perfect for reading, with a dimmer and the ability to adjust the brightness of the light bulb by the integrated dimmer. Its stable base and flexible arm allow for easy adjustment and direction of the light. Upgrade your reading experience with this stylish and functional floor lamp.

Ljuskälla: 35W GU10
Mått: 140 cm ø 23 cm.
Dimmer: Yes